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Providing electrical power, water and communications solutions across the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Commercial-Scale Photovoltaic

Commercial-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems coupled with large battery storage are the heart of dispatchable, always-on electrical power supplies

Water Supply Systems 

Water supply systems from remote source, or deep well, with typical capacities of 6,000 to 12,000 litres per day.

What We Do

Water Purification Systems

Water purification systems to provide potable water where water-borne disease pathogens are highly problematic.

Satellite Systems

Deployment of very small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellite systems for full broadband access.

Logistics Services

In these remote areas, getting material across international borders and out to remote site locations is often a significant aspect of project execution

Ngidinga Array.JPG


In 2003, a charitable organization was looking to provide reliable electrical power for their rural African communities in Nigeria and the DRC.


Off Grid took up the challenge, and over the ensuing years, has developed and deployed electrical power, water, and communications solutions in locations where even today, few attractive alternatives exist.


Sub-Saharan Africa is a large and diverse region of the world with a very specific combination of economic, social, and geographic factors that make proliferation of basic utilities highly problematic. The DRC has been, and will remain, a prime focus of our efforts. The DRC represents very unique challenges, but also unique opportunities to make a positive impact.

Case studies


Ngidinga - First Water.JPG

Ngidinga PV and Water Systems

Ngidinga community is a large village located in Congo Central (formerly Bas-Congo) province.


A 45-kilowatt PV system was originally installed as one system, but due to the size and complexity of the site was later modified to be two separate systems.


One serves the  community and primary and secondary schools. The second serves the water plant, hospital, residences, and a health center.


The combined systems feature 60 kilowatts of lithium-ion battery storage.

Pelende Storage Tank Inspection.JPG

Pelende Village Water Supply Rehabilitation

Pelende Community is located approximately 550 kilometres to the south and east of Kinshasa, the national capital.

A 20-kilowatt PV system was installed in 2010 and upgraded in 2018. The system provides electrical power to a religious community, hospital, and primary and secondary schools.

A major overhaul of the original village water supply systems provides new piping, valves, accessories and distribution of water to the village at several points using buried piping. The modifications will provide  the village with 72,000 litres per day of clean water.  

Charitable Donations

We are a UK limited company, registered by Companies house in England and Wales as Company No. 09467067. The nature of our business leads us to extensive involvement in the charitable and philanthropic sector.

As such, we would not accept charitable donations directly, but given the very worthy causes that are pursued by our clients, we would be happy to refer interested parties and prospective donors to the various client organizations that are involved in religious, educational and health care work in the DRC and other parts of the globe.

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