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Off Grid Systems Ltd is a technical organization that specializes in the development of small commercial-scale infrastructure projects, principally for religious/charitable organizations that operate education and health care facilities in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Early work included the development of photovoltaic projects in Nigeria, but the extreme lack of development of much of the DRC drew us into a longer-term presence in the country.

A great irony of the DRC is that in spite of its extreme wealth in natural resources, the majority of the population hovers near last place on the global economic scale.


With the global economic demand for strategic minerals, the DRC occupies an increasingly prominent geopolitical and economic position.


Off Grid focuses on the development of electrical power and water projects for clients that have a long-term fixed presence in a specific region.


As such, we are not involved in crisis management, but look to develop durable basic infrastructure for clients who operate in very poor, remote areas, but require such amenities in order to serve their own constituents.


Over many years we have come to understand the specific characteristics that successful project development requires in this extremely problematic, but highly interesting society.

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Meet The Team

Project development work in the DRC requires extensive in-country support. Our team consists of civil and electrical engineers, electricians, satellite technicians, plumbers, carpenters, masons, lorry drivers, logistics agents, all of whom are native Congolese and have a deep sense of dedication to the development of their country. Some of our principal partners are:

Lemfu Team.JPG

Yves Utubula
Génie Civil et Construction E.G.C.O

Headed by Yves Utubula (third from the right), Génie Civil performs building construction and support structure fabrication and erection, hydraulic and water source development, mechanical and plumbing installations, and provides many of the skilled trades required for site construction.

Jimmy and Team

Jimmy Mabaya
MAB Business Ets

Headed by Jimmy Mabaya (far left), MAB supplies expertise in PV system design and construction, electrical construction and distribution, generators, optical fiber, and local networks.

L Casey 002.JPG

Louis Casey
Director of Off Grid Systems Ltd

With a background in electrical engineering and finance, Mr. Casey worked for a long period of time in the US nuclear power industry before becoming involved in the renewables sector and African development.

With extensive time spent in the field dealing with design, procurement, logistics and deployment of these systems, he has a firsthand understanding of project development in the local environment and the risks associated with these types of efforts.

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