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Commercial-Scale Photovoltaic

Kinsaku Array.JPG

As of mid-2023, high density PV modules approaching 700 watts nominal and 22% efficiency allow for arrays that can provide nearly 350 watts nominal per square meter. For many applications such as education or health care that require several hundred kilowatt-hours of electrical capacity per day, a single free-standing, or roof-mount array can be constructed that occupies a minimal footprint.

In these regions, lightning strikes are frequent and virulent and proper design of earthing, and lightning protection are of central importance to reliable long-term performance in the very harsh conditions that are prevalent in DR Congo. Where the largest portion of the twenty-four-hour day is a non-generating period, particular attention is always paid to battery storage and capacity. Lithium-ion batteries are standard for Off Grid’s installations.


Water Supply Systems

Typical of principal difficulties with water supplies in DR Congo are the power source to lift water, and means to preclude the entrance of dirt and foreign matter into the system.

Off Grid has developed a standard water supply system that works well in rural environments where a population requires water to be drawn from a remote source, pumped to a central location, stored, filtered, and pressurized before local distribution.

Using passive methods such as cone bottom tanks to settle and flush solids, along with thermally welded pipe assure that water can be delivered for non-potable use with good initial quality and very low turbidity.

Nselo Tanks (1).JPG


Water Purification Systems

Water Purification Skid.jpg

With very high rates of water-borne pathogens, water purification is an important adjunct to water supply. Many technologies can be employed to sterilize water, but each has drawbacks and advantages.


The general constraints encountered are the electrical power required to drive the process, generally due to working pressurization requirements for filters, and having acceptable initial quality to preclude fouling of purification equipment.

Off Grid can supply standalone water purification equipment, but normally does so as an adjunct to a water supply installation. This guarantees that the initial requirements are met to ensure a viable purification regimen.


Satellite Installations

Increasing proliferation of 3G and 4G cellular service across the DRC is providing access to mobile communications, even in locations where electrical power may not be available.


For many tasks requiring broadband coverage where cellular is inadequate, Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services are becoming increasingly available and economically viable.


Off Grid, working with our local partners can establish Ka band services in almost any location within the DRC.

Ngidinga VSAT Antenna.jpg


Logistics Services

The Road to Ngidinga.jpg

An interesting feature of the road network in DR Congo is that it doesn’t exist to any great extent. Dealing with logistical hurdles are a major part of project delivery.


Over many years, Off Grid has come to understand the realities and challenges of moving people and materials across borders and to and from remote project sites.


We know what will work and just as importantly, what will place vital materials, projects, and personnel at risk. We can advise on the best methods to deliver effective results.

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